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A new start

Who knows why it always feels a bit awkward to write a first post. Even though this is not my first blog, I am still intimidated and excited at the same time. Maybe because this is a blank new page that I can fill with anything and everything? Which means endless possibilities… I don’t know. In another way, it feels like moving to a new home. The excitement of discovering a new place, a new house to fill with all your beloved objects, a new home to decorate: a new start.
And here is my new virtual home: Chez Madame Rose. Like a new home with white empty walls, this place still needs a bit of work. A lot of unpacking left if I may say so, or in more simple terms, this blog still needs some design and improvement. But I had, or better, I needed to start somewhere and stop finding excuse not to write. So here I am, really happy to finally be back!
For this new start, I had to chose a new name for the blog and I decided to call it “Chez Madame Rose”. If you know me, you probably think that this is because I love the colour pink (“rose” in French) and that’s partly true. But there is much more behind this name for me. I always loved the name Rose, probably because it’s the name of someone dear to my heart. Someone who brought magic and joy into my childhood, an amazing woman who changed not only my life, but a lot of people’s lives. So I wanted to recreate a bit of her happy place here. Her Neverland with a door wide open where everyone was always welcome… And now it’s my turn to welcome you all here no matter who you are! For those who were already following, I’m so glad you are still here for this new adventure. Because without you readers, all this would be like putting all these words in a floating bottle in the sea. So to know you are here behind your screens really means the world to me! (I promised myself to keep this first post short and not to be too emotional… but I guess it’s just too hard for me not to say the things I feel.)
Anyway, for this new blog, I tried to keep the design quite simple to start so you can have a tour and tell me what you think (I am open to any answers or suggestions you may have!) The major change here is the language switcher that you have on the right side of the menu. So if you want to see this post translated in French just click there and you will be redirected to the French version of the website.
And lastly, one more little thing… With this new start I thought I also deserved a new name or pseudo if you prefer… because why not after all?! So every now and then, you can call me Madame Rose 😉

With Love XX

P.S: Dear readers, “Pardon my French” or in my case my English!
English is not my native language, so you may find mistakes here and there even though I try my best to avoid them… Sorry for that.

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  1. Hugs. Great to have u back, Madame Rose! I love pink too!

    1. Thank you so much Pauline !
      Happy to know I am not the only pink lover 😉

  2. Welcome back! Looking forward to future posts. All the best.

    1. Thank you Sueli 🙂
      Hope to keep on bringing you inspiration in my future posts !

  3. so happy you are back!

    1. Thanks Diane!!! I think the first step is always the most difficult, it took me time to do it but you can’t imagine how glad I am to be back!

  4. So glad to see you back !
    Thank you to welcome us in your magic and romantic world
    Et j’attends avec impatience de découvrir toutes les idées qui vont fleurir et naître de votre imagination

    1. Merci beaucoup Véronique !!!
      Je suis vraiment ravie de vous retrouver dans mon nouveau petit chez moi virtuel !

  5. Bonjour Madame Rose!
    Happy to see you are back in the blogging world.

    1. Thank you so much Joëlle!!!!!
      Happy to be back too 🙂

  6. Thank you, Madame Rose, for your return!

    1. Thank you so much Inga!
      So glad to be back too 🙂

  7. Dear Madame Rose!

    What a pleasure it is to meet you and find your blog! I will be a « newby » as they say, because I’ve not ever received your blog so I look forward to learning more about your lovely home!

    Au revoir! Lucy❤️

    1. Merci du fond du coeur Lucy !!!
      It’s always a pleasure to have a new reader ! I hope you will enjoy the stay in my virtual home…