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DIY : Mini Aid Kit

Lately, my daughter is literally obsessed with plasters! I guess there is an age for this too… and it means I now have a colourful collection of “kid friendly” plasters at home. And when I say “kid friendly” I mean Peppa Pig plasters, Little Pony, tiny flowers, animals, lovely heart shaped ones and a lot more on the list…! With that obsession comes the need for kids to pretend they hurt themselves just to have a plaster. Just like a super hero would get a reward sticker!
But sometimes, these tiny humans also really get hurt and who knows why it often happens when you are not at home. As a mom I learned that I needed to be prepared to heal the little bumps (and being prepared doesn’t mean having plasters at the bottom of your handbag that you will never find when you need them!) So I’ve been looking around for a lovely aid kit that I could carry everywhere but I didn’t find anything small enough to fit into my handbag and above all, I didn’t find anything “pretty”! This is why I decided to make my own mini aid kit and this is probably the easiest thing you can make too.

1. The first 2 steps are completely optional as you can simply take a little purse or any little pouch that you may already have at home. To give you an idea of the size, mine is 13.5cm x 9.5cm. I had some leftover fabrics so I sewed my own little pouch.
2. I didn’t take any pictures of this step by step sewing project because you can find a lot of great tutorials online. For me here is the best and easiest tutorial to follow if you want to make this pouch.
3. Once you have your little pouch, it’s time for customisation! I simply draw a cross using a pencil.
4. And I then added some gold glitter fabric paint! I think this sparkly little cross makes all the difference!

It’s now time to fill your mini aid kit! You can basically put anything you want inside this little pouch and no one knows your children better than you, so don’t hesitate to adapt the content to their needs.
Here is what you can find in mine:
– plasters! (I have a lot of them so I put them in a tiny vellum envelop and it makes it easier for her to chose the one she wants)
– disinfectant wipes
– a tweezer to remove the little splinters or spines
– bite and sting cream also perfect for needle rash
– and finally the most important thing: a treat!!! A sweet is always the best remedy against tears!

You see, it’s very easy! You can now have fun making your own mini aid kit and why not even make an adult version of it with “grownup” content!

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