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On-Trend : Fluted Glass

No matter what you want to call it fluted, reeded or even ribbed glass, one thing for sure is that it is definitely a design trend to follow and I love it! It seems that in reality, the different names represent the shape of the grooves, but nowadays most people don’t make that difference.
If you saw my plan for the Nebula Project, you probably noticed that I am planning to use it in this makeover. The thing I like the most about this glass is that it lets all the light go through, like with normal clear glass, but its slick patterns give some privacy so you can show without really showing. It’s also very versatile as you can find it in both retro or very modern interiors and now we see it being used more and more as screen partitions or beautiful doors. Another little plus to add to the list, this patterned glass is a very affordable option when cut to size and it definitely adds that special touch to any project. But if you don’t feel like doing big changes in your home no worries, you still have the option to choose beautiful fluted glass home accessories like vases or other decorative object.

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