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One Room Challenge : Week 1 “The Nebula Project”

Surprise, surprise ! Not only did I start my new blog, but I also decided to take part in this Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Guest Participants. And I can’t tell you how excited I am about it! You know I am all about DIY and interior design projects so these kind of challenges are like dopamine for me!
In case you don’t know what the ORC is, this a massive event organised by Linda that happens twice a year and where 20 featured bloggers have 6 weeks to complete the makeover of a room. They share the progress of their projects every Wednesday on the One Room Challenge blog. Thursdays are dedicated to the ORC Guest Participants, where any blogger can take part and also have 6 weeks to complete a room. And this is the first week now, so let’s the fun begin!

Let me present you the Nebula Project:
For this 6 weeks challenge I won’t be renovating a room of a little home but a friend’s room. That friend lives in another country, in Brussels Belgium to be precise, which will make things a bit more complicated as I won’t be there to supervise most of the work. They asked for my help for this makeover and above all completely trust me for all the design choices. I’ve seen the room a few weeks ago and I will try to go on site at least twice to make sure everything goes well. But the rest of the time it will be a lot of FaceTime, emails, trust and fingers crossed hoping everything goes for the best. It’s definitely risky because of the 6 weeks deadline, but I thought the project was interesting so it was worth giving it a try. And if you think I lost my mind because the project is abroad (so kind of out of control…), you will think that I am definitely crazy if I tell you that in reality there isn’t one room to renovate in 6 weeks but 2! (Ok, now I admit it sounds completely crazy!) But it’s still worth giving it try, isn’t it?
So here are the rooms, there is a large kitchen and the small adjacent bathroom:

The persons behind this project are a really nice young couple who actually live in this same house but in the flat just above this one. They’ve been living there for a few years now and recently decided to also rent this ground floor flat to convert it as their studio (she’s a photographer and he works as a creative). He’s also a great handyman and he will do most of the works of the project himself to stay on a budget.
They already transformed the living room and bedroom of this apartment to a photographic and creative studio. They now want to do a complete makeover in this kitchen to create a kind of small studio so they can have a space to relax, drink a coffee, welcome their clients… So basically make a tiny and lovely apartment in that kitchen plus renovate the bathroom. Oh! I forgot they also want to be able to rent it as an Airbnb from time to time. Which means it needs a sleeping space!

So now the plan for the first week:
– remove the old kitchen and try to find a way to incorporate a tiny kitchen “that doesn’t look like a kitchen” (really important for her! )
– also remove EVERYTHING that is in the bathroom (shower, tiles… everything!)
To date the only thing that has been ordered is the bathroom floor tiles which is a beautiful pink terrazzo that you can see below. I literally fell in love with these gorgeous tiles as soon as I saw them and they loved it too! Now the normal delivery times are 7 weeks and we agreed with the company called Mosaic del Sur for an “express production and delivery” in 5 weeks (these beauties are made to order in Morocco) so an expected delivery for the last week of October… Which leaves us with a really short time to have the bathroom floor tiled. But hey, if you want to be crazy with a risky project you have to go all in or go home, right?

Then I plan to use cane webbing for an easy DIY, also use some reeded glass, add some mouldings to give this room a little character and obviously a few vintage finds here and there. I still have a lot of things to find like a small sofa bed that could fit in this space, new flooring for the future “non kitchen”, make a final choice for the color palette plus so much more… All this before next week!
Well, honestly now that I’ve written down all that I have to do I am kind of starting to panic… but I breathe deeply and think to myself that my goal is to have at least one room complete by the end of these 6 weeks. If we manage to finish both rooms, I will literally be over the moon!
In the meantime, check the other guest participants projects right here.

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  1. Love it, love it, love it !!
    So excited you ´re back in this kind of project.
    And so glad terrassons is on trend again.
    Not in France yet…
    Vous avez remarqué comme, curieusement, en matière de deco, on a toujours 2 ou 3 ans de retard en France ? On commence seulement à voir les papiers peints fleuris, le vert, l’or, le glamour Hollywood, on est en plein dans la tendance Palm Beach ou bobo campagne (sais pas vraiment comment appeler cette tendance). Jusqu’a l’ecoeurement.
    Je regarde surtout des émissions australiennes, et quekques instagrameuses américaines pour leurs diy, les moyens ne sont pas les mêmes, et on y voit ce qui sera à la mode chez nous dans quelques années. Un peu frustrant ..
    Donc merci de nous proposer une vraie réflexion.
    Hâte de découvrir la suite

    1. Merci, merci, merci Véronique !!!!
      Je suis Aussie ravie de reprendre ce genre de projet même si c’est parfois stressant, j’en oublierai presque tout une fois que la pièce est finie. On peut enfin prendre le temps d’apprécier ce que l’on vient de réaliser !
      Et pour le terrazzo, je l’ai trouvé dans une boutique parisienne 🙂 C’est vrai qu’on ne le voit pas encore beaucoup en France mais petit à petit on peut en voir du magnifique dans certains petits magasins spécialisés des beaux quartiers (donc je pense que ça ne saurait tarder d’arriver dans les magasins pour les consommateurs de masse que nous sommes ! Et on finira peut-être par le voir aussi partout, comme la tendance tropicale ou le papier peint fleuri !!!)
      Mais c’est vrai que la France a malheureusement toujours un train de retard concernant la déco, j’ai pu noter en revenant sur d’anciens posts “tendances” de mon précédents blog qu’il y a environ 2 voire parfois 3 ans de décalage avec ce que l’on voit sur les blogs US ou Australiens et ce que l’on voit en France. C’est dommage ! Mais qui sait, peut-être qu’avec les nouveaux blogs et Instagram les choses finiront enfin par évoluer avec le temps…

  2. I’m loving the colour palette chosen. Good luck, you can do it!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH Sueli 🙂
      So nice to hear positive words when you start a crazy project like this one!!!

  3. Love the color palette and materials you chose! Can’t wait to follow along!

    1. Thank you so much Meredith!!!

  4. LOVE your posts and vision! Can’t wait to see it come together

    1. Thanks Jewel! I look forward to show you the progress next week 🙂

  5. the tile you choose is stunning I love the color combo and definitely can’t wait to see this transformation.

    Paloma from Casa de Paloma

    1. Thanks Paloma 🙂 Glad you also take part in this ORC!
      So I guess the next 6 weeks will be stressful for both us then 🙂
      Good luck for your makeover!!!

  6. Wow a big project! I love the terrazzo tile! I am doing my kitchen for the ORC. I am excited to see your progress throughout the weeks. Best of luck to you!

    1. Thank you Camille!!! That terrazzo is truly gorgeous 🙂
      I can’t wait to share the progress of this project…!

  7. Love the colors – and I’m so impressed that you’re doing this from afar! Excited to see the end result.

    1. Thank you so much Danielle!
      Doing it from afar is kind of exciting and stressful at the same time to be honest…
      But we’ll see, fingers crossed to finish everything in time 🙂

  8. Wow—good for you for taking on this challenge from afar! I seriously admire that. I’m also swooning over your color scheme for the space. Much luck to you!! Very excited to see how this one turns out. P.S. — I love the look of your blog!!!

    1. Thank you so much Jessica!!! It’s great to find support for a makeover project like this one 🙂
      Now fingers crossed and we’ll see how it goes…

  9. Hi! I was intrigued by the name of this project and love the mix of materials that you have chosen.
    Can’t wait to see the room transform:)

    1. Thanks Hilary!!!! I also really look forward to share the progress of this project!

  10. oh I LOVE your palette! that pink and green go perfectly together and the cane DIY project, looking forward to seeing it over the next few weeks for your project in Belgium! how cool is that!!

    1. Thank you so much Tim!!!!!!
      So nice to have you for this new ORC! And you just made my day with your lovely comment as I always loved all your projects ♡