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One Room Challenge : Week 5 “Adaptability”

If there is one thing I learned from every room makeover I did, is to be flexible. Adaptability is the key to carry out an interior design project and it’s even more true if you have to do it in only 6 weeks. Because so many things can go wrong or “not as expected”, so you have to adapt and find solutions quickly to complete the works in time. I am telling you this because there is only one week left and nothing really changed since last Thursday. The “do list” is as long as 7 days ago! And in top of that, a few things didn’t go “as expected”, which I guess is kind of normal when you have to manage everything from far.
But let’s start with the good news:

The pink terrazzo tiles arrived on Tuesday!!! So happy to finally hold these gorgeous tiles. The next step will be to tile the bathroom floor hoping everything goes well because terrazzo is SO thick!

A few other items also arrived like the kitchen sink and cabinets, the side tables and some decorative objects.

I found a solution for the wall opening between the bathroom and kitchen. Initially I wanted a large piece of reeded glass with vertical lines. But unfortunately the standard width available for reeded glass (with vertical lines) is 132cm and the opening we have here is 158cm. We still could have ordered a large piece of reeded glass made to order, but it would have been too expensive. So instead I decided to make a wooden frame in Mondrian style and I can now use reeded glass in small pieces. Good for the budget and beautiful on the wall!

And we finally chose the paint for the walls which will be this grey/beige colour I found in Brussels from Prestige.

Now the bad news:

The bathroom wall tiles arrived too but guess what, it’s not what I ordered! These surprises are one of the joy of delivery and it happens literally one week before the end of this challenge. What happened? The tiles I wanted have the exact same finish but in different shape. And obviously they sent us the wrong ones. I guess this is when you have to be “flexible” as I probably won’t have time to change them and receive the right ones in time. So I have to accept the fact that we’ll have square tiles in the bathroom… This wall tiles story has been so complicated since the beginning. My first plan was to use white matt penny tiles but I couldn’t find anything affordable in Belgium. I found some in the UK that could have been delivered but the delivery frame to Brussels was too long. After that, we changed again our plans (twice) for those walls for the same reasons and we now end up with tiles that we didn’t choose. To be honest, I am not too sure about these square tiles but do I really have the choice…?
More delivery surprises? The bathroom sink didn’t arrive yet. And a lot of things are still missing like kitchen tap, hob, sofa and more on the list. So I hope they will be here in time.

Now final countdown until the reveal in one week! I am heading to Belgium again today to desperately try to complete this makeover in time and have something to show you next Thursday. A lot of work ahead for the next days! Hope to see you here next week and in the meantime, if you want to see where the others are up to, have a look at Linda’s blog to see the ORC and ORC Guest Participants projects.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those tiles are GORGEOUS! I cannot imagine sourcing from afar. I think you are rocking it!

  2. Well, you have to be flexible and patient. I’m sure the end result will be beautiful as all your past projects. Hang in there!xx

  3. That terrazzo is beautiful! Don’t settle for what you don’t love for this challenge! Nothing more permanent than tile.

    That said,, I really like the relationship between the squares and think they’ll look lovely together!