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Pink Hair

I am nearly 40 (OMG I can’t believe I am writing that number…) and I never ever had my hair dyed. I don’t have any white hair to hide so it’s true I don’t really “need” it. But sometimes I wonder why I never gave it a try, I mean this is one of the easiest way to change the way you look.
It’s not that actually never wanted to try. But I probably never did it because one advice my mother gave me was to never do it because “it would ruin my hair and it would never be the same after that”. Which was weird coming from her because she used to always have her hair dyed, but I guess for me that meant she knew what she was talking about. Maybe another reason why I never did it was because at the time (ok, now it really sounds like I am old…!) I was mostly surrounded by pretty brunette that only had one dream: to be blond. But being blond doesn’t suit everybody if you know what I mean… and for me it was a pity to see women ruined their natural hair colour for another colour that didn’t necessarily suited them. But it has to be said that there wasn’t that many choice of hair colours, you could be a brunette, blond or if you dare even have red hair. But as I said, that was before!
In the past few years things changed so much and you can basically dye your hair any colour of the rainbow and even look like a unicorn or a mermaid if you want to! And I can’t say enough how much I love it! I loved to see people daring that beautiful purple colour a few years back, then came that gorgeous white/grey hair trend that I think I loved even more. But as you know I am a pink lover so I obviously couldn’t resist the beautiful pink hair we’ve been seeing around. I really love it and it almost makes me want to finally switch those black hair of mine for rose gold hair!

Do you also like it? And what about you, would you dare give it a try?

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