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The Funfair

We had our first holiday this summer! And if you follow me on instagram you probably already saw a few pictures here and there. I really wanted to make the most of it and above all, I really wanted to keep as much memories as I could. We spent two weeks in south of France and it was so amazing to see her discover the sea for the first time… To capture all those precious moments, the easiest way I found was to always have my phone within reach to be able to take pictures as soon as I could. So no fancy camera, only a simple phone, because honestly it’s much easier when you have a toddler that doesn’t stay still!
I love the idea of taking pictures in a unique and special place so when I came across this empty funfair next to Montpellier, I grabbed the opportunity to do an improvised photo shoot with my little girl. She was sleeping in her stroller so I had to wake her up and you can see from the first pictures that she was a bit grumpy at the beginning. But she finally had fun and enjoyed it! And the most important thing, we have beautiful pictures to add to our summer memories.

And here she is, finally having fun!!! Funfairs are kind of magical places for kids even during the day, no flashing lights here but so many bright colours everywhere!

And on our way back, I took a few more pictures while we were waiting for the bus in the shade of the palm trees… It feels so summery!

I know I could have taken much better quality pictures with a professional camera, but as a mom of a little one I am also realistic and I know where my limits are, if you know what I mean…! So using my phone is much easier for me and I know I would have never taken these beautiful pictures without it.
You can find unique places everywhere, so don’t be afraid to use your phone to capture those magical memories with and for your kids. I can assure you they will love to have these pictures when they grow up.

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  1. Lovely child u have!!!!!!!!!! And lucky to have her style fashioned by creative momma.

    1. Thanks Pauline 🙂
      Yes she’s lovely (when she’s not grumpy!) I’m so glad we took those pictures and I hope she will love having these bits of memories when she grows up